Entered into with:
Bill Teilmann Jr.
Stylish Stables
117 JD Phillips Rd.
Telford, TN 37690

The following conditions apply for using shipped semen:
  1. $100.00 non-refundable booking fee out of the $550.00 stallion fee.
  2. $100.00 collection fee each time semen is collected.
  3. Semen shipping arrangements are to be made with Bill Teilmann Jr. only.
  4. Stallion fee is to be paid in full when mare is pronounced in foal (preferably using ultrasound after 20 days). Breeder’s certificate will be issued after all bills are paid in full.
  5. Return in season provided mare does not become pregnant.
  6. Mare owner pays all shipping charges and will be billed a fee of $250.00 if equitainer is not returned to stallion owner.
All mares at the farm will bred at the farm and will be bred using A-I and must have currant coggins test Board is $8.00 a dau/

Stylish Stables and Bill Teilmann Jr. will not be responsible for injury or loss to any person or horse involved with the collection or insemination of horses at the farm or away.

I agree to the terms stated above: __________________________________.